How do I monitor a cluster?

The easiest way to monitor a cluster is using the quasardb web server, qdb_httpd, which provides two services:

  • An HTML5 GUI that shows an overview of cluster and node activity
  • A RESTful API that can translate entries from the cluster into JSON or JSONP.

To set up the web bridge:

  1. Create a new default web bridge configuration file using "qdb_httpd --gen-config > httpd_config.conf"
  2. Edit the configuration file.
  3. Set the "listen_on" value to a valid, string-quoted, IP address and port pair. Example: "".
  4. Set the "remote_node" value to a the IP address and port pair of a node in the cluster. Example: ""
  5. Start the web bridge with "qdb_httpd -d -c httpd_config.conf".
  6. Point your browser to the IP address and port you set in the listen_on parameter.



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