How do I set up a cluster?

Building a cluster for the first time is easy using the Quasardb configuration generator.

  1. Access the quasardb configuration generator.
  2. Enter the RAM, disk space, and number of cores available to quasardb. The same values are used for each node.
  3. Enter the IP address for the first node.
  4. For each additional node, click the "Click here to add another node" link, then add the node's IP address.
  5. Set the Data Replication factor.
  6. (optional) Enable synchronized writes.
  7. (optional) Disable data persistence.
  8. (optional) Set the log level.
  9. Set the number of Allowed simultaneous connections.
  10. Click Generate Configuration File.
  11. Save the compressed file somewhere you will remember.
  12. Extract the named configuration files to the qdbd folder on the respective nodes. Each conf file will be named the IP address or hostname you entered in the configuration generator.
  13. Start the quasardb daemon on the first node, using its config file.
  14. Start the quasardb daemon on the other nodes, using their respective config files.

As nodes come online, they will stabilize themselves by self-organizing into a ring and determining storage locations for data.


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